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An invite-only program for mentors and friends to accelerate Olly - a Fintech Startup & Cash-less India initiative

  • Nao Murakami
    General Partner @ Incubate Fund India
    Nao Murakami
  • Anand Kumar
    Partner @ Sand Hill Counsel
    Anand Kumar
  • Pranay Gupta
    Partner @ 91Springboard
    Pranay Gupta
  • Sandesh Kirkire
    Director @ Balgyani Educators Pvt Ltd
    Sandesh Kirkire
  • Taranjit Jaswal
    Director @ Barclays
    Taranjit Jaswal
  • Angel Saad Gomez
    VC @ Oak Investment Partners
    Angel Saad Gomez
  • Ankit Jain
    CEO @ MyOperator
    Ankit Jain
  • Prasoon Gupta
    Co-Founder and Director @ Sattviko
    Prasoon Gupta
  • Randy Shuken
    Board Chairman @ BizEquity
    Randy Shuken
  • Anil Chhikara
    Principal @ Blue Bolt Ventures
    Anil Chhikara
  • Jack Smith
    Advisor @ Intricately
    Jack Smith
  • Bernice Camilleri
    Owner / Director @ Schools & Agents
    Bernice Camilleri
  • Sahil Verma
    International Lawyer
    Sahil Verma
  • David Booth
    Growth & Operations @ Tech City Ventures
    David Booth
  • Faisal Khan
    Banking & Payments Consultant + FinTech Scout @ Faisal Khan & Company
    Faisal Khan
  • Michael Pierce
    Account Executive @ Mambu
    Michael Pierce

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Building a cash-less India

Olly is a mobile-first digital credit card serving Indian working masses. In the rise of digital India we want to make sure that not a single employee is left aside

Why Olly?
India’s working class population is in dire need of a credit product that is a purchasing utility for their day-to-day expenses and essential needs. Most individuals feel the crunch in the last quarter of every month and require small denomination credit to buy groceries, pay bills and other essential expenses.

Aashirya Gupta

Primary school teacher, 22

Aashirya is a primary school teacher earning Rs. 20,000 / Month. This month had some unscheduled expenses and on the 25th of the month she runs short of personal cash flow for groceries and other necessities. Aashirya learns about Olly, downloads the app and gets instant credit of Rs. 2000 /- and this helps her tide through her month end expenses on essentials. If not for Olly Aashirya would have to depend on a personal loan from friends and family, and at times it is not available or convenient.